Dallas, Denton, Houston Medicare Supplement Plans


If you are going abroad for a job purpose and worried about leaving behind your old parents, then there’s a simple solution for you. Purchase senior health insurance policies for them. Generally, most of the people living in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Houston and Richardson choose Medicare for their parents. But, believe it or not, Medicare policies don’t cover the overall health care costs. However, there’s nothing to worry as now, instead of purchasing a medicare policy, you can opt for medicare supplement plans. There are numerous companies in these cities that can provide you with this kind of medical policy. But, among all those companies there’s one that has managed to stand out, and that is PRS Insurance Solution Agency.


Our company, PRS Insurance Solution, is one of those few insurance agencies in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Houston and Richardson that has an experience of about 3 decades. Apart from having immense experience, we are also pretty well-known for having a team of professionals who are really efficient when it comes to providing apt medicare supplement plans to the senior citizens.


All You Need To Know About Medicare Supplement Plans


Are you worried because you don’t know much about this medical plan? Then take a look at the following points.


  • Things it covers- Some of the major things that a medicare supplement plan covers are deductibles, coinsurance, co-payments and overseas emergency health care. If you are thinking that an ordinary medicare would also cover these categories then you are mistaken. Hence, don’t choose a medicare; always opt for a medicare supplement plan.
  • Various Designations- These health plans have various designations, which are usually denoted by alphabets such as Plan A, plan B, plan C and so on. Every plan provides varied benefits to the clients, but plans with the same alphabets cover same benefits for the clients regardless of the insurance company selling it.
  • Best time to enroll– Wondering, what’s the ideal time to enroll in this plan? Well, according to our professionals, the best time is during the open enrollment period. Why? It’s because during this period, an insurance agency cannot decline you because of any pre-existing condition.


So, this was all the essential things that you needed to know about a medicare supplement plan. If you are interested, give us a call at 817-608-0174/866-894-0174. Or else, get quotes from our website.

Dallas, Denton, Houston Medicare Supplement Plans from PRS can cover the gaps in your Medicare benefits. Contact us to get your Medicare Supplement Plans.