Medigap in Addison, Dallas, Fort Worth, and the Surrounding Areas

PRS Insurance Solutions can assist you with Medicare and relate supplemental health covrage such as Medigap.  They specialise in health insurance and serve the communities of Addison, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Houston and Richardson. Medicare is a federal health insurance program available to senior citizens and people with severe disabilities. 


Medicare does not cover everything and there are gaps in coverage. Medigap is provided by private insurance companies and attempts to bridge some of those gaps. Some examples of Medicare gaps relate to co-payments, deductibles, long-term care, dental care, vision care, hearing aids, prescription glasses and health care when you travel abroad. 

To qualify for a Medigap policy you need to have Medicare Part A and Medicare part B. Medicare Part A covers your hospital costs and Medicare Part B covers your doctor’s costs. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, then you cannot get Medigap. 

Medigap plans are standardised and regulated and labels A though N. That means each plans is the same irrespective of the insurance provider you get it from. Premiums can vary but the benefits under each plan remain the same. 

The best time to get a Medigap plan is during the open enrolment window. The open enrolment period is six months from the first day of the month of your 65th birthday – or within six months of signing up for part B. If you buy Medigap outside the enrolment window you are not guaranteed acceptance and your premiums will likely be higher. 

You pay a monthly premium for you Medigap policy. The cost will depend on the plan, the benefits, the insurance company and your age. Once you are enrolled in a Medigap plan renewal is guaranteed provided your premiums are paid. 

PRS Insurance Solutions is your source for health insurance such as Medicare and Medigap in Addison, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Houston or Richardson.