Disability & Medicare Insurance, Medigap in Dallas, Houston

Disability insurance benefits and exclusions

Life is uncertain and no person is immune to accident and / or dread diseases that could leave you unbale to work and earn an income. Disability insurance is a type of life and health cover that will pay you an income if you are no longer able to work as a result of specified circumstances and risks. PRS can help you with disability insurance in Addison, Denton, Fort Worth, Houston or Richardson.

You could qualify for disability insurance if you are unable to work because of some accident or illness. If you are unable to work because of a job-related accident you would need to claim from workers compensation. Disability insurance could also pay additional benefits even if you did claim from workmen’s compensation.

Basically, disability insurance replaces some of your lost income due to non-work-related events and incidents. Disability insurance is provided by commercial carries and plans include long-term and short-term options. Generally, disability insurance will provide a monthly benefit for a specified length of time. There is also an elimination period that applies. That is the length of time you need to be disabled before benefits are paid.

Disability insurance can cover you for permanent as well as partial disability. Under ceratin circumstanced you might also qualify for waiver of premium. Other benefits could include rehabilitation expenses, additional purchase options and various policy riders such as cost of living rider.

As with any other type of insurance, disability insurance comes with a set of exclusions and limitations. You need to know what these are. Typical exclusions will include pregnancy, attempted suicide, acts of war, injuries sustained while committing a felony, incarceration, use of non-prescribed drugs and so on.

It is always a good idea to consult with your insurance agent to ensure you get the best disability insurance for your situation.

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