Disability insurance in Dallas, Houston, Denton and Fort Worth, TX

Everything that you need to know about disability insurance

Your career and insurance for disability are two sides of the same coin. To build a career in the investment, both of money and time and a career which is built with sheer hard work solely is not safe. Your career can end due to a simple accident and accidents can be either permanent or temporary. No matter the type of disability this is likely to have a disastrous effect both on you as well as your family because you will not be capable of supporting your loved ones and at the same time pay the bills. Above all a disability comes with its respective expenses. The medical bills may be too high and such form of continued expenditure and with no extra income will deteriorate your assets easily. Relax, help is at hand. We at PRS Insurance offer the best disability insurance plans which will work wonders in safeguarding your income source. The areas that we serve include Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

Types of disability coverage

Disability coverage basically is categorized into two forms, namely short term and long term disability coverage.

  • Short term policy- This policy is accessible for a term of 90-365 days and will cover about 40-60 percent of one’s actual income
  • Long term policy- This policy may last between 2-5 years and even more and will cover about 75-80 percent of one’s actual income

Disability coverage is amid the most crucial form of protection for any kind of financial loss should an individual gets injured. Often it happens that an insurance company gives a tough time for making claims, but with us you are under safe hands. We are a professional insurance company and our agents can help in saving your time, money as well as different hassles thereby alleviating any unfair insurance practices.