Disability Insurance in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Disability Insurance and its different types

No matter you own a business, are self-employed or desire to supplement your worker benefits it is the disability insurance, which can offer a good source of income should you become disabled as well as cannot work. This coverage is essential as most people do not possess the emergency savings for keeping them afloat even for a short time without a paycheck. In fact accident is not the only cause of disability. Diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, back injuries and other ailments can result in disability claims. We at PRS Insurance offer these insurance coverage that will serve as an effective financial protection. Our service areas include the different parts of Addison, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Richardson.

Discover the different types of disability coverage

  • Individual insurance- Self employed people need to insure them against disabilities. The premium of an individual insurance varies between occupations and companies.
  • Key-person insurance- this coverage will protect an organization against financial crisis, which may crop up due to the loss of the key employee on account of any disability problem. The key person coverage can be used for hiring a temporary employee in place of the disabled employee for a brief time period.
  • Business overhead expense coverage- it will help in covering a business’s overhead expenses if the owner experiences this problem. The business overhead expense policy will include laundry charges, billing and accounting charges, leasing cost, maintenance costs, property tax, mortgage payments, utilities, business insurance premiums, payments of rent amid others
  • Employer supplied insurance- Injury while on the job is a common cause of disability. Workers’ compensation is a common plan here. This coverage will offer advantages to employees that are not capable of working for a long or short time due to any job related injury.

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