Disability insurance in Houston, Dallas, Richardson and Addison, TX

Know more about disability insurance

If are not able to work because of an injury or a sickness, then disability insurance will prove handy. It will help in meeting expenses and also maintaining your living standards. Besides this coverage can help you in paying your car payments, mortgage and tuition fees as well as cover the expenses related to utilities, clothing and food. Via replacing a part of the income, this policy can offer you financial security till you return to work. If you need this insurance plan, then contact us at PRS Insurance. We offer these plans at the best industry rates and our service areas include the different parts of Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

The benefits of choosing this insurance plan from us

  • It can help in replacing a part of the income in case you become disabled as well as unable to earn.
  • A disability can take place from different causes such as mental health issues, serious illness or an injury. Based on the cause we offer the right plan the duration of which can be long or short
  • We offer disability coverage of different types such as group insurance plans, individual insurance plans and also government plans like workers’ compensation
  • Our agents are highly qualified in this domain and thus will explain you the eligibility criteria required to opt for this plan
  • They will provide you the data related to the paperwork that are required for claiming the disability rewards.
  • They will present you all the facts that you will require for asserting disability benefits as they are the experts in this field and this is their subject of getting the job done.

If you are interested in this insurance plan, schedule an appointment with us right away. You can give us a call or drop us a mail.