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Today, people have the flexibility of planning where a portion of their expenses on prescription drugs will be paid. We at PRS Insurance offer Medicare prescription drug plans which will enable you in purchasing prescribed medicines at lower prices regardless of your income, the price of the medicine and illness. Besides, we also provide choice when it comes to Medicare drug plans. The prices of our Medicare plans vary in accordance to the pharmacy chosen, generic prescriptions availability, quantity and dosage of the medicines and the prescriptions. No matter you plan to enroll for Medicare plans in the near future or are a present Medicare beneficiary, we can have you covered. People residing in different parts of Dallas and Houston can reap the best advantage of our drug plans.

Why choose us?

We at PRS Insurance offer value, plus and basic plans which include,

  • Donut hole or gap coverage
  • Comprehensive drug lists
  • Budget friendly co-payments
  • Deductibles and low premiums

At PRS Insurance we offer drug plans to Medicare beneficiaries with proper personalized counselling for free. This comprises of everything right from assisting them in understanding their health plan choices as well as Medicare bill up to selecting amid an original Medicare and Medicare advantage plan. Along with resulting in improved safety, these changes will also work wonders in eliminating our customer’s requirement for maintenance drugs, thereby saving them the price of expensive prescription medication. And not to forget these enhancements in their lifestyle can also extend their life. The bottom line is if you need these drug plans just get in touch with us through the mail or over the phone as per your convenience and the benefits that you will get will indeed be worth it. So without any delay, just invest in these plans right away.