Medicare Advantage in Dallas, Denton and Houston, TX

Medicare Advantage offers more flexibility than original Medicare

Medical insurance can be a minefield at options such as Medicare advantage and Medicare supplement plans can be confusing. Medical costs are so expensive these days that few people can afford medical care without proper medical insurance. Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans can help cover medical expenses not covered by Medicare. PRS Insurance serves the people of Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth, TX and they can help you with Medicare advantage plans as well as Medicare supplement plans.

Original Medicare does not cover everything and in many instances you also have to deal with co-payments and deductibles. This means you have gaps in your medical coverage. There are two options that can help fill the gaps – Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement pans.   Medicare supplements (aka Medigap) as the name suggests supplement Medicare. Medigap can cover things such as co-payments, deductibles and emergency medical costs when traveling abroad. Basically Medicare supplement pans cover out of pocket expenses related to original Medicare.

Medicare advantage plans are sold by private insurance companies. These plans are approved by Medicare and covers everything that Medicare covers plus more. You must still have Medicare parts A & B in order to enroll in an advantage plan. Since private carriers have more flexibility in designing plans, you can get more coverage with an advantage plan than with original Medicare. These could include vision, oral & dental, hearing and wellness programs.

Medicare Advantage also don’t have enrollment restrictions related to existing conditions and do not require a physical or medical check-up. You also have a greater variety of plans to choose from.

In order to enroll in an advantage plan you must:

  • Have Original Medicare, Part A and Part B.
  • Live in the service area of the Medicare Advantage plan you’re considering.
  • Not have end-stage renal disease (with some exceptions).