Medicare insurance in Houston, Dallas, Denton, Richardson, TX

Who can apply for a Medicare insurance?

Medicare has gained ample recognition owing to its plentiful benefits. This plan will offer people aged 65 and above with plentiful health care benefits. Besides, people below 65 years suffering from certain disabilities as well as individuals of any age suffering from permanent kidney failure can also make the most of this insurance. The Medicare insurance, will offer basic protection from health care costs, but it will not cover the cost of long-term care or all medical expenses. If you want to reap the benefits of Medicare then get in touch with us at PRS Insurance right away. Our service areas include the different parts of Dallas, Denton and Houston.

Eligibility criteria

People who are eligible for Medicare are as follows,

  • Aged 65 years or above along with being eligible for Railroad Retirement or Social Security benefits
  • Aged 65 or above and the spouse/former spouse of another person who gets Railroad Retirement or social security benefits
  • Worked for long in a local, state or federal government job in meeting the needs of the social security disability program and this applies to people under 65 years of age. People aged 65 or above or a spouse should have 40 quarters or more of Medicare covered jobs
  • Have been getting the benefits of social security disability for a minimum of 2 years
  • Suffering from last stage of kidney/renal disease

As a beneficiary of Medicare, you have the chance of enrolling in a Medicare advantage plan. Such plans will provide medical advantages covered under Part A and Part B. In fact, most plans cover the prescription drug coverage while some include additional perks for an extra cost. The fact is you will be eligible for such plans only if, you get entitled to Part A of Medicare and enrolled in Part B of Medicare. Our insurance agents will guide you to select the right plan to get started. With us shopping for Medicare plans will be easy. Call us to know more.