Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in Houston

PRS Insurance can help you with Medicare prescription drug plans and related health care products in Dallas, Denton and Houston. In fact, they offer health care plans throughout the state of Texas. The focus on helping seniors with the best health care products including Medicare prescription drug plans.

Health care plans are complicated and they understand how can become confused when trying to decipher all the options and variations. That is why their expert and friendly consultants will help you with the right balance and mix and match of health care products.

Health care costs are already through the roof and just keep going up and up. That makes matters even more difficult.  The team at PRS will assist you with the ever-increasing costs of prescription drugs and various medical services such as eye care, vision care, dental care and general medical care. Some solutions can be found in Medicare supplements such as Medicare prescription drug plans.


Medicare prescription drug plans, also referred to as Part D coverage, are offered by private insurance companies. All advantage plans ae regulated and standardised by the government. Advantage plans such as Medicare prescription drug plans, can only be offered by Medicare approved insurance companies.


PRS Insurance specialises in Medicare advantage plans and will help you with right options. They help the people of Dallas, Denton and Houston with best value supplemental and advantage plans in Dallas, Denton and Houston.

There are different Medicare prescription drug plans. These PDP plans add drug coverage to original Medicare as well as 1.Medicare Cost Plans, some Medicare Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans, and Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans. Plans such as HMO and PPO can also offer prescription drug coverage. These plans are also referred to as MA-PDs.

A PRS consultant will help you find the right Medicare plans including Medicare prescription drug plans in the state of Texas.